Bed Bugs Vs Lavender Oil

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Certain natural substances can actually completely destroy and repel bed bug infestations. Typically used in aromatherapy, lavender oil is one such repellent. To keep the bedbugs away, use lavender, which many people like the smell of. You should use this while you are ironing or rinsing your laundry.

Lavender oil for bed bugs. Lavender blooms in summer and oil is made from its flowers. Lavender oil will kill bed bugs when you spray it directly on them. Good smell of lavender oil is not bed bugs' favorite and when you spray it around your home, it will keep bed bugs in their hosts where they hide.

Lavender essential oil is thought to help repel bed bugs. In southern France, this oil is even used to deter scorpions. Lavender oil smells wonderful, and will help you relax in the evening. Lavender oil might help to weaken bed bug eggs. Thyme essential oil

Another lavender oil trick is to add a few drops to your bath water. Even if you still have bed bugs, the smell of lavender on your body will repel them and help keep you from getting bitten. If you're staying away from home and want to avoid bringing home bed bugs, lavender can help.

There is a limitation to spraying tea tree oil in an attempt to kill bed bugs. You won't be able to spray it near one of the hiding places they frequent - electrical outlets. Lavender Oil For Bed Bugs. Lavender oil can kill bed bugs, just like tea tree oil. But in order for it to kill them, it has to be sprayed on them directly.

17 Best images about Aromatherapy and homemade goodness on Pinterest Aromatherapy oils
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