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Bed Bug Traps Are Effective Solutions. Bed Bug traps can be an effective and useful tool in the fight against these bugs. Some people think that traps are only for rodents, or other kinds of pests, but the truth is that bed bug traps and monitors play an important role in the bed bug control process.

These traps resemble two tiny bowls, one inside the other, into which an individual places the four legs of the bed. The idea is that bugs traveling to the bed will become trapped in the sticky outer bowl, while bugs that have already fed and are attempting to leave the bed will become trapped in the inner bowl.

Bed bug traps resemble cups or bowls with rigid outside surface to let bed bugs climb up and a sleek, slippery surface to keep bed bugs from climbing out. Bed bugs aren't the best climbers, so this type of setup works well.

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I'm searching for clues of having bed bugs. Bites, no evidence. My bed doesn't have legs; impossible to do the container with talc baby powder to trap the bed bugs. Do you know any homemade bed bug trap for bed without legs? thank you vm

Bed bug interceptor traps are easy to make out of commonly found household items and disposable plastic containers. How an Interceptor Trap Works Interceptor traps placed on all of the legs of a piece of furniture can help prevent bed bugs from infesting that piece of furniture and also reduce the movement of bed bugs already on the furniture

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