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Bed Bug Treatment: Sprays and Dusts There are several products on the market that work well for bed bugs: Apply residual liquid, aerosol or dust residual insecticides such as Spectre 2 SC , CrossFire Bed Bug Insecticide Concentrate , Temprid FX , D-Fense NXT , Cimexa Dust , Crossfire Aerosol , Bedlam Plus Aerosol , and Phantom Aerosol .

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Top 10 Products for Bed Bug Treatment 1. Bed Bug Sprays. 2. Bed Bug Powders or Dust. 3. Bed Bug Inceptors and Traps. 4. Bed Bug Luggage and Clothing Encasement. 5. Bed Bug Bombs and Foggers. 6. Bed Bug Steamers. 7. Bed Bug Laundry Treatment. 8. Herbal or Natural Bed Bug Products. 9. Bed Bug

The best bed bug sprays use a chemical insecticides. The EPA describes in this article the various kinds of chemicals that exist and how they kill bed bugs. Pyrethroid is a common ingredient in some sprays. You also need to take care when you're using it indoors since they can leave a bad odor and chemical residue on your clothes.

Do-it-yourself Bed Bug Control. Cold treatment can be successful in the home environment if the freezer is set to 0 o F. You must leave the items in a sealed bag in the freezer at that temperature for four days. If using desiccants, be sure to use only products registered by EPA as a

Bed bugs are so small that they can live in a crack the width of a credit card, increasing the control challenge. Using pesticides as part of a control strategy must be done properly for the treatment to work. When a pesticide treatment does not completely control the bed bugs, there may be many reasons for this failure, including:

Bed Bug Control & Killer Products Professional Bed Bug Sprays Fast, Free Shipping
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