Black Tiny Bug In Bed

Identifying Tiny Black Bug on Sheets ThriftyFun

Though the tiny black bug is becoming more common, and is easily identifiable, there are more than one type of bug to look out for when you pull back those sheets.

Carpet beetles vary in color depending on type (e.g., varied, black, furniture or common carpet beetles). Sometimes they look like a black and yellow ladybug. They have short antennae and round bodies and might also have irregular brown, orange and white scales or be solid brown or black. Carpet beetles are generally smaller than bed bugs.

Occasionally, springtails—tiny black bugs that jump—will migrate indoors during periods of heavy rains, or during prolonged hot, dry spells. If you have houseplants, they may have been living in the potting soil and simply escaped their pots.

A tiny bug in your home could be one of millions of species. Most of these are harmless, but a few kinds are damaging to your house, can multiply to the point they become a nuisance or bite people and pets.

Bedbugs are tiny insects that feed on the blood of humans and animals. Bed bugs don't just live in beds, but in luggage, furniture, and even shoes. Bedbugs are not dangerous and don't typically transmit disease, though some people have allergic reactions to them or get secondary infections from scratching bites.

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Identifying Tiny Black Bug on Sheets ThriftyFun
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