Bugs Under Bed In Carpet

Small infestation in summer apt. How to avoid taking them home? « Got Bed Bugs? Bedbugger Forums

Bed Bugs​ Bed bugs are small, brownish-red insects that feed on blood. They are attracted to warmth and carbon dioxide, so they often live in bedding or mattresses and emerge at night to feed on sleeping humans. The anatomy of a bed bug consists of an oval shaped body, a small broadly attached head, and compound eyes.

Carpet beetles are not bed bugs. However, carpet beetles can damage fabrics and bed bugs can bite people. Both insects can breed fast and may remain hidden for a while before you start to notice them. Both pests can be worrisome and may create stress.

As a result, carpet beetles may infest carpets, upholstered furniture, blankets, coats, comforters, wool, pillows and clothing. While carpet beetles rarely attack synthetic fabrics, they may feed on these items when they are soiled by perspiration, oil and food. Infestations can spread quickly.

Most people experience some sort of allergic reaction when they come into contact with carpet beetle larvae and will assume that they are being bitten by bed bugs. In addition, carpet beetle larvae will shed their skins as they grow. These discarded casings look much like the shells of bed bug larvae.

Use a carpet shampooer to clean the carpet according to manufacturer's directions. This is an extra precaution to get any bed bugs that vacuuming might have missed. Like vacuuming, shampooing the carpet won't kill bed bugs but it will help mechanically remove them.

I called a carpet cleaning company trying to get them to steam cleaning bedbugs. While a lot of people think that you can steam clean bedbugs and it will take care of the problem, that is actually not the case. Don't feel bad though, a lot of people think that and it logically makes sense,

Small infestation in summer apt. How to avoid taking them home? « Got Bed Bugs? Bedbugger Forums
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