Can Baby Mattresses Get Bed Bugs

Bedbug pictures: Bites, signs and symptoms

For less than the price of the average mattress alone, you can buy everything you need to treat the mattress, box spring, bed frame, and all of the cracks and crevices around your room that bed bugs are likely to be hiding in. Throw the average mattress away and you roughly double the cost of a do-it-yourself treatment.

Get rid of clutter around the bed. If your mattress is infested, you may want to get rid of it and get a new one, but take care to rid the rest of your home of bedbugs or they will infest your new

Air mattresses can still be affected by bed bugs. Basically, anything the insects can cling onto is fair game, like vinyl and plastics you find on those air mattresses. And although it's unlikely, it's still possible the bugs could get in through the air pump hole you use to inflate the mattress with.

Usually, mattresses are free of bed bugs until they get infested. This happens when the mattress is used in a household that is already infested with bed bugs. You may also accidentally carry bed bugs in your clothes from other people's homes or clothes in case their households are already infested.

Now that you got the sheets done, it's time to take care of the mattress. Here's how to clean a mattress to get rid of bed bugs, dust mites, stains and to deodorize: For this step, you also need baking soda. But first, you need to vacuum it. After you do that, sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda on and rub it well.

We're talking about conventional mattresses here, not air mattresses. Bed bugs will dig a tiny hole in the fabric of your mattress and wait inside of it until the night. Then they'll come out at night and attack you, leaving behind itchy spots and red marking on your skin.

Bedbug pictures: Bites, signs and symptoms
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