Can Bed Bugs Come From Storage Units

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A storage unit is a great place for bed bugs to hide and grow. It could really ruin your day if you returned to retrieve your things, and found it all infested with bed bugs. To prevent them you're going to have to take some precautionary measures. Bed Bug Prevention. It's best to run through this checklist before putting your belongings into storage.

Since a healthy, blood-fed female bed bug can produce from 200-500 healthy eggs during her lifetime and may lay from 2-5 eggs each day, the likelihood of an infestation of bed bugs is extremely high unless bed bug control efforts by your pest management professional are employed to eliminate the infestation.

Bed bugs can come home with you from work. If you know what bed bug bites look like, you may recognize the threat before you bring it home. The bites from bed bugs are usually in a line or a cluster, and are often surrounded by a rash.

Its possible to get bed bugs in a storage facility the same way we get roaches, tenants bring them in. We spray and if we see roaches we bug bomb the units hallways and empty units. Tenants are allowed to bug bomb thier units at closing as long as they coordinate with us.

Bed bugs can get inside your storage unit through small gaps and cracks. They can also get into it if you accidentally bring them in on the items you're storing. Since they can go for some time without food, they're likely to survive in between your visits to your storage unit.

I don't want to truck bed bugs into my home. Darla Cummings, Sheboygan, WI . I'll begin by stating that if you see bedbugs in your storage unit, it's smart to advise the management of the problem. With that said, you can use diatomaceous earth to protect your belongings from an infestation.

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