Can Bed Bugs Get Through Zippers

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The encasement must be bed bug "bite proof" and "escape proof." Bed bugs will squeeze their way through zippers and seams whenever possible in order to feed. The zipper end stop is the number one place for escaping bed bugs. The encasement should enclose the zipper tab to eliminate any gaps. Be sure that any claim for protection against bed bugs is backed by scientific testing.

By using the Wakefit mattress protector any damage to the mattress can be avoided and bed bugs infestation is minimized. These covers with zippers keep the bedbugs away from the mattress. The mattress protector must be snug so that the bed bugs cannot enter the bed.

Your luggage is the main method of transit that bed bugs may use to get to your home from wherever you stay (or however you travel). Bed bugs can hide along seams, folds in the lining, and can even fit through zippers.

Signs of bed bug activity can include: Black Spots are signs of bed bug waste. These look like thin black streaks, and can be seen on sheets and upholstered furniture. Molted skins are signs of bed bugs progressing through the five growth stages between hatching and reaching sexual maturity. Finding these will let you know that bed bugs have

Unfortunately, bed bugs can get through a closed zipper unless it has very fine teeth, no openings at the ends, and a zipper cover. This type of zipper is usually only found on mattress encasements which are specifically designed to keep bed bugs from escaping.

In tests, immature bed bugs were able to escape the confines of the encasement by weaving their way through the teeth of a closed zipper (when larger zippers were used). An effective encasement must have a zipper that bugs cannot escape through.

Bed Bug Treatment, Removal & Info Environmental Pest Control
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