Can Bed Bugs Lay Eggs On Clothes

Bed Bug Eggs – How To Find & Kill Them PestSeek

In general, bed bugs choose to lay their eggs in locations where they will be undisturbed. For example, if you were to generally sleep on one side of the bed and not the other, bed bugs would be more likely to lay eggs under the pillow of the other side that has been left untouched. 2. Primary Bed Bug Harborage

Bed bugs are nasty parasites, but they do not live inside of people or under their skin, nor is that where they lay their eggs. You may have spied bed bugs in your hair and found bites on your face and neck. You may have sores on your ankles or legs or arms where they bit you.

This is an easy way to get rid of bed bug eggs and larvae - you literally 'boil' the infested items in hot water. Wash all your clothes, linen, bed sheets and pillow covers in the washer-dryer operated at the highest heat setting. You can also dry the washed items outdoors in the sun.

One bed bug can lay from 200 to 250 eggs in her lifetime. They prefer to lay their eggs in protected cracks and crevices and those eggs will hatch in about 6 to 10 days. If left unchecked, under normal circumstances, bed bugs will live for about 10 to 11 months. There may be three or more generations of bed bugs born each year.

When bed bugs lay eggs on your clothes, they can be especially difficult to remove. You can throw your clothes through the washer and dryer to kill the eggs, but they still may remain. Even if the egg is dead, the adhesive properties can make it stay on your clothing.

Bed bugs may hitch a ride on clothing, but they are not like lice and will not travel directly on a person. If you are concerned about bed bugs on clothing remove suspect articles and put them into a plastic bag. Remove clothing in a place with a non-carpeted floor so bed bugs will have to travel before finding a hiding spot.

Bed Bug Eggs – How To Find & Kill Them PestSeek
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