Can Dogs Transport Bed Bugs

Hospitality Bed Bug Extermination Winston-Salem, NC McNeely Pest Control

Bed Bug Facts What is a bed bug? A bed bug is a small insect that feeds on the blood of humans and animals. They are flat and oval shaped, have no wings, and can be different colors depending on how old they are. Young bugs may look clear, while older bugs may appear straw color to dark brown.

Bed bug bites can cause itching and may exacerbate allergies in dogs and cats. Bed bugs can infest your pet's bedding just like they can infest your bedding. If this happens, do not apply

Bed Bugs and Cats: What to Do, and Why We all love our cats — we just aren't the biggest fans of what they can track into the house. Between mopping up dirt and mud, picking leaves and twigs out of their fur, and applying flea medication every month, it's easy to lose your cool over keeping your furry friends healthy.

Fur or hair has nothing to do with it. Bed bugs will feed on cats, dogs, birds or other animals when a human host is not present. Can Cats Carry Bed Bugs? Bed bugs won't use an animal as a means of transport or a nest. They feed for 3 to 5 minutes and move back to the nesting area. This is usually 5 to 10 feet away from the host.

Sure, dogs scratch, but probably not at the rate your pooch is when a few hundred bedbugs are biting on its little dog-butt. If your dog starts to develop welts or red lesions on their skin, that's also a good indicator that some kind of bug is eating them up.

A scent-detection dog can go under a bed and alert on bugs inside the box spring without an inspector having to take the mattress and box spring off. The dogs can alert to bed bugs behind a heavy entertainment center without anyone having to move it, and can detect bed bugs or their eggs in a pile of clothing or a toy box full of stuffed animals.

Hospitality Bed Bug Extermination Winston-Salem, NC McNeely Pest Control
Hospitality Bed Bug Extermination Winston-Salem, NC McNeely Pest Control
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