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Basic Drying. The heat of a clothes dryer is high enough to kill bedbugs in all stages of their life cycle. Some machines, however, take longer to heat up than others. If your dryer reaches 120 degrees, it can kill bedbugs and their eggs quickly -- but it might take the dryer 10 to 15 minutes to reach that temperature.

Temperature That Kills Bed Bugs. A similar process can be used with heat. Adult bed bugs die at 119 degrees Fahrenheit, and their heat-resistant eggs require temperatures upwards of 125 degrees. Some infested objects can be safely baked in the oven at these temperatures for three to five hours to get rid of the pests.

Surprisingly, most successful bed bug elimination plans don't include bleach, but heat! Heat is one of the best ways to kill bed bugs and their eggs. To kill bed bug in an entire house, exterminators have been known to use costly heat treatments that increase the home temperature high enough to kill all the bugs.

Heat is non-toxic, and can kill all bed bug life stages including bed bug eggs. However, heat treatment of any kind (except your home clothes dryer) is still relatively expensive and has no residual (long lasting) activity. The lack of residual activity means that bed bugs can re-infest again the day after treatment.

Heat is an effective way to kill bed bugs, but garments must be laundered at temperatures of 49 degrees Celcius (120 degrees Fahrenheit) in order for the heat treatment to be effective. Avoid taking your garments to a dry-cleaner.

The simple answer is heat kills bed bugs! Heat has been scientifically proven to kill bed bugs and bed bug eggs.

Bed Bugs - ThermaPure
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