Can I Bring Bed Bugs From Hotel

Inspecting Your Hotel Room for Bed Bugs Let's Beat the Bed Bug!

If the hotel was in Las Vegas (where you posted this question) then your chances of an infestion are next to none. Bed bugs are mostly found in humid areas. You don't say exactly which area you where in, but you can look it up on the Bed Bug Registry and see if there are other reports of them in the area.

But can you actually bring bed bugs home from a hotel? Unfortunately, yes, you can. They can cling to your clothes, latch onto your luggage, and invade your home before you even start unpacking.

For sensitive overnight guests, you can offer to do all their laundry without explaining the full reason. You will be offering a favor to them and the temperatures of a warm-water wash and dryer will kill any bedbugs.

But you have tools at your disposal that can reduce your bed-bug risk. They'll add some time to your travel process, but they may just end up saving you from the time-consuming, anxiety-triggering, financially draining horror of bringing them home with you from your trip. The anti-bed-bug strategy starts there, at home, before the hotel is in view.

Yes, the inspection is tedious, but bedbug infestations are quite common and cut across locations and socio-economic markers: you can get chomped on whether you're in a hovel or luxe digs.

Start Your Trip With a Bed Bug Inspection. Hopefully, when you found yourself in a questionable motel room, you did a check for bed bugs before you even unpacked your bags (see Do I Really Have to Check My Hotel Room for Bed Bugs?). If you suspected bed bugs, you would have been better off not unpacking your bags at all.

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