Can You Spray A Mattress For Bed Bugs

Get Rid of Bed Bugs: Step by Step Instructions

- Spray around the seams and corners of your mattress first. Hold the spray can about 12 inches away from the mattress and spray at a speed of about 6 inches per second. - Flip the mattress and

For less than the price of the average mattress alone, you can buy everything you need to treat the mattress, box spring, bed frame, and all of the cracks and crevices around your room that bed bugs are likely to be hiding in. Throw the average mattress away and you roughly double the cost of a do-it-yourself treatment.

Bed bugs are good hitchhikers. If you throw out a mattress or furniture that has bed bugs in it, you should slash or in some way destroy it so that no one else takes it and gets bed bugs. 9. Reduce the number of bed bugs to reduce bites. Thorough vacuuming can get rid of some of your bed bugs.

However, if the infestation is in its early stages or you're merely worried that bed bugs might find their way to your mattress, our natural bed bug spray can be the solution you need. While other bed bug spray makers utilize harsh chemicals and bad-smelling ingredients, Bed Bug Patrol has chosen to do things differently.

Spray the mattress, focusing on the seams and any tufts. Next, add Gentrol IGR to the Flex 10-10 mix. This is an insect growth regulator that will prevent early bed bugs stages from developing.

The spray will not reach the cracks and crevices where bed bugs hide. See Should I Use a Fogger? for more information. Carefully look for any evidence of bed bugs every few days after you complete your initial cleanup and control processes. If you see bed bugs, either the initial cleanup missed some bugs or eggs have hatched.

Get Rid of Bed Bugs: Step by Step Instructions
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