Can You Treat Bed Bugs On Your Own

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SenSci Volcano Monitors: These bed bug monitors/detectors may be used with the lures or without the lure to capture bed bugs. As an identification tool, you can monitor your bed bug treatment plan or simply to monitor the presence of bed bug. Use the optional lure if a person is not present in the bedroom that is being monitored.

Hopefully, you will see less and less bugs appear in the traps as you go through the next steps. Now that you have created a safe haven in your bed, you can move on to treating the rest of the room. Bed Bug Hunt Steam and Clean Your Room. Bed bugs could be hiding in all sorts of tight spaces in your room, like wood cracks, inside books and furniture, and along the baseboards and the edges of the carpet.

If you want to try the DIY approach, you can steam areas bed bug might hide, including on your sofas, mattresses, bed frames and carpeted areas, too. Keep in mind that extreme heat can potentially damage delicate fabrics. If bed bugs in your home, vacuuming can eliminate live and dead bugs and their shed skins. Vacuum cracks, seams, zippers

While bed bug treatment is not something that you want to DIY, there are some DIYers out there who will want to fix the issue on their own. While the following tips will not help you fully remove the bed bugs in your home, they may help you reduce the infestation. The scary truth is that most people don't know

If your pet is losing patchy hair and your see blood spots or fecal stains on their bedding, try to look for the presence of bed bugs. Also look around their bedding for the discarded skin of the bed bugs that they shed during their growth. Pet bedding and even certain stuffed toys can harbor bed bugs. Treat their beds as you would do on your own.

If you wish, you can use your own-purchased bed bug sprays to keep on top of killing any beg bugs you see after the initial treatment, although you should continue to work with professional exterminators until the infestation has been completely destroyed.

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