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Black Carpet Beetles Vs Bed Bugs - Carpet Vidalondon

Baby Cockroaches Vs Bed Bugs Vs Carpet Beetles When it comes to getting rid of common household bugs, the first thing you must do is identify which pests are actually in your home. People often make the mistake of thinking that carpet beetles have invaded their home when they're really bed bugs or baby cockroaches, just to give you an example.

The first notable difference is that of size, as bed bugs are twice as big as carpet beetles. The second difference and the biggest nuisance is the fact that bed bugs feed on human blood, while carpet beetles feed on animal fibers.

Bed bugs are in the family Cimicidae, while carpet beetles are in the family Dermestids. The difference here is that bed bugs have a mouth made for piercing skin and sucking blood while carpet beetles have a mouth made for chewing on plants and other fibrous material. The good news is that this means carpet beetles don't bite humans.

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Bugs are brown, don't have elytra or a long thick bristle like carpet beetles do. Instead, their paws extend beyond their body and they have a blood-sucking proboscis. Larvae and adults found in beds don't bite; they merely consume exfoliated upper layers of skin and hair.

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