Commercial Bed Bug Insecticide

EcoSmart Commerical Flying Insect Killer

Bed bug sprays will be one of the effective treatment methods that you need to employ along with any other technique of your choice (vacuuming, fumigation, etc). Without residual pesticide application bugs can travel freely and safely. They just move from the luggage right into your bed, and thus a new infestation begins.

Bed bugs are a flat, oval, rusty color bug that are only found in buildings. They're more commonly found in homes, but occasionally can infest a building where there are a lot of people, such as a theatre, nursing home, or a hotel. Bed bugs are considered a parasite as they feed exclusively on blood, much like mosquitoes do.

Professional Pyrethrin Aerosol (a.i. Pyrethrins.5%, Piperonyl Butoxide, technical4.0 %) - An aerosol insecticide that gives quick knock-down on listed pests, used primarily as a crack and crevice tool.

Insecticide for Bed Bugs. Commercial & Home Products for Use on Furniture. Using a product like diatomaceous earth around the bottom of beds and furniture, and in other locations where they roam is a preventive method of treatment. There are also non-toxic spray treatments that can be used

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EcoSmart Commerical Flying Insect Killer
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