Dead Bed Bugs After Heat Treatment

Dead Bed Bugs in a ZappBug Room - thanks to Tom for sending these to us!

Science has proven that heat treatment is the most effective treatment to kill all the bed bugs and eggs within minutes after reaching the thermal death temperature of 45C. Our thermal bug removal method uses electric heaters and is safe for everyone: your children, asthma sufferers, the elderly and your pets. Stay at home.

What to Expect After Bed Bug Treatment Having bed bugs is no picnic, but once you've called in the professional exterminators you expect it to be over. In the world of these tenacious little parasites, however, nothing is black and white, and there may be a lot of follow-up, even additional treatments, needed before life is back to normal.

If heat treating a apartment it's only temporary as bedbugs will come back from other portions of the building not affected by the heat, however it will get them in your stuff until they they come back (allowing you to move out).

I have been dealing with bed bugs for months. I finally called the orkin man. He only found signs of bed bugs in one room but I had him treat the living room any way. He only found signs in the bedroom. He treated the room and to my shock it took less than an hour and half. Supposedly he used a heat treatment and poison.

Bed bugs may have lived through the treatment or were not quite dead ("walking dead"). It is possible that during the application the bugs were not exposed to enough chemical or heat, causing the customer to find them 7 to 10 days after the treatment was completed.

Before Local Pest Control comes to your place, we will send you a preparation sheet that outlines what you need to do before we come and do a treatment. As mentioned bed bugs are one of the most difficult to eradicate, hence it takes effort from all sides to get rid of them. Heat Treatment Prep Sheet Download pdf file

Dead Bed Bugs in a ZappBug Room - thanks to Tom for sending these to us!
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