Do Bed Bugs Hang Out In Clothes

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs: A DIY Guide Summer Home Maintenance Rid of bed bugs, Bed bugs

8. Bed bugs can live in my hair or on my person. Wrong. Bed bugs eat and scuttle. They do not hang out on their host the way lice do. They could inadvertently hitch a ride on a piece of clothing or on your backpack, and even harbor there if the thing is stored for any length of time in an infested closet, but they would not harbor on you. 9.

> Unless you have a broad scale significant infestation, there's little reason that bed bugs would seek harborage in clothes hanging in your closet. That is, unless you actually sleep in your closet. > However, as the downside risk of bed bugs is so great, we wish to remain conservative and be thorough too.

Bed bugs can hitch a ride on clothing that you wear, but only on your outfit, not directly on your body. If you suspect that there are bed bugs on some of your clothes, remove them in a place with a non-carpeted floor and put them into a plastic bag.

Washing will kill some of the bed bugs, but it is the heat of drying that will kill any remaining bed bugs. With a few common-sense practices, you can easily disinfest clothes and ensure these items do not become bed bug hiding places as you remove bed bugs from the rest of your home.

By taking some simple steps you can make sure the bed bugs have been contained and eliminated. ZappBug heat treatment units work best for this, as they heat your clothes to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, hot enough to kill any bed bugs. If a ZappBug is outside of your budget most clothing dryers get hot enough to kill bed bugs as well.

Do Bed Bugs Lay Eggs in Clothes? If you don't find them hiding in the edges of your mattress, you'll see them in its box springs, behind wall sockets, in crevices, hiding in upholstered furniture, in the headboard, behind hung pictures—the list of hiding places for these stubborn pests is endless.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs: A DIY Guide Summer Home Maintenance Rid of bed bugs, Bed bugs
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