Do Bed Bugs Have Actual Wings

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Adult bedbugs and silverfish are two insects that do not have wings. There are over one million species of insects found throughout the world and there are many more to still be discovered.

Although adult Bed Bugs do have the vestiges of wings that are called wing pads, these do not fully develop into working wings so the bugs can't fly but this doesn't stop them from traveling great distances to get into your home.

Bed bugs tend to live in the seams of your mattress, in the box spring, in the folds of loose wall paper, in your sofa, under your rug, and any other area that is close to a feeding source. Bed bugs want to be near where they feed, so expect them to be close by when you sleep if you have them.

Can bed bugs fly? Do they even have wings? Here's the good news - Bed bugs cannot fly! They DO have wings though. Lucky for us, these wing pads do not have the capability to take flight once the bedbug has fully matured. These small wing pads are part of a bed bug's anatomy, grown just above the abdomen and below the head.

Bed bug adults have front wings, but no hind wings. The front wings are reduced to stubs that can be moved by the insects. The vestigial wings are not something like glued on pads but are connected to the body by sclerites and vestigial wing veins at one point on the median side of the wing so it "hinges" at that connection.

Although carpet beetles are small, round and brown they have distinct wings. Their larvae look like furry caterpillars. Carpet beetles do not bite, but allergic people can experience welts if exposed to their tiny hairs. Carpet beetles can damage fabric, furniture, carpeting and clothing that contain natural animal fibers. 5. Bat Bugs.

View Bed Bug Pictures in all Life Stages - ZappBug
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