Do Bed Bugs Live In Storage Units

Preparing your Apartment for Bedbug Treatment

Bed bugs can infest storage units, and when you bring an item from your unit back home, you bring the infestation too. Once they get in your home, they are extremely difficult to get rid of as they breed quickly and hide very well.

No. Unlike other parasites like fleas and ticks Bed Bugs do not live on their victims. Bed Bugs will feed on your pet and then run back to their hiding place.

General clutter - Again, be it inside an outdoor building or storage unit, or outside, somewhere you keep disused equipment under a cover, bed bugs will make use of any old electronic appliance (TVs, radios, etc.) or even old gardening equipment, like a broken lawn mower.

Question: I live in an apartment in Revere, Mass., and I just found some bed bugs on the box spring of my bed. I threw that away immediately and looked at every last inch of my actual mattress to see if I could find any traces of more.

Since I live in the northeast, if I move during the dead of winter and store things in an unheated storage unit, I am expecting that the cold will kill the bugs and the eggs. For the first month all I will bring to the new place will be a brand new bed and clothes that have been freshly washed in hot water.

Missy from Annapolis, Md writes. Which fogger to use for killing bugs in storage unit? We are moving and want to bomb before I bring things out of storage in my new home.

Preparing your Apartment for Bedbug Treatment
Think you have bed bugs? Some dos and don’ts

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