Does Good Night Bed Bug Spray Work

good night bed bug spray – Stylish Furniture Design

The MSDS is here, and the product's actual name as listed there is "Good Night Dust Mite Killer." It's entirely alcohol-based, from what I can see. I would not bother. And it will not be a residual. If you have bed bugs they probably are not just in your bed. I'd get a good PCO and have them do the hard work of getting rid of them.

We got bed bugs from a neighbors child that spent the night a lot, but we caught it before they got really bad. I tried a couple of other sprays, but the bugs just seemed to laugh at them. I bought this and after just a few sprayings have not seen a single bug in weeks.

Good Night Bed Bug Spray is odorless, water-based, EPA registered and can be used in homes, dormitories, motor homes, hotels, or wherever you sleep. Ideal for bed bug control and bed bug prevention, as well as various other pests.

To check if you really have them you can put solid white sheets on your bed at night and turn all the lights off in the room, then wait for about 15 min and go to check the bed to see if you see any bugs on it.

In addition to my personal bug control tips for bedbug treatment is to steam clean the infected area, spray some of the Ortho Home Defense Max bed bug spray and sprinkle some diatomaceous earth

Nobugsonme. But I warn you: contact killers will not get rid of your bed bug problems. They can be a useful supplement to having a professional treat your home, but they only kill bugs you spray directly.

good night bed bug spray – Stylish Furniture Design
good night bed bug spray – Stylish Furniture Design
good night bed bug spray – Stylish Furniture Design
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