Does Mothballs Keep Away Bed Bugs

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Answer Wiki. Technically, naphthalene will kill individual bed bugs, but it doesn't kill them quickly, and so the bed bug infestation will persist since they can still live long enough to mate and replace their losses. Essentially, naphthalene will sicken and weaken the population, but not actually finish them off, leaving a few survivors each generation.

When the fumigants in mothballs react with the air, they give off certain fumes that are irritating to mice and rats. As such, the rodents tend to keep away from environments where mothball fumes are present. But, it is important for us to mention that the primary use of mothballs is to keep moths or larvae away from clothing.

This is the first smell that bedbugs hate. You can use any products that contain lavender to remove these bugs from your house. There are many lavender sprays that are available on the market. You can choose the best one based on your needs. You can spray your bed with lavender sprays to remove any bugs hidden in your bed.

When the winter snows start to melt away, and the local swimming pool starts Even then be aware that cardboard boxes can attract bugs. Mothballs and cedar can be effective against insects, but keep in mind that neither is a complete guarantee. …

Mothballs contain fumigants that can be harmful to humans if ingested or inhaled over the long term. The vapors, once released tend to linger for long periods of time. Mothballs are not to be used as a rodent repellant either.

moth balls repel, moths mice, bugs, ants, spiders, thise little million leggy thingys, you name it, it even repels me, I dispise the smell of them, but use them every year in my wood pile, nothing worse than having wood heat up inside only have it smell like a year old never been cleaned litter box.

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