Eco Living Scabies And Bed Bug Spray

Eradicator Bed Bug Spray 24 oz - Ecolivingfriendly

Eco Living Friendly, ELF 32 for short, is a ready to use, non-toxic, natural, and GREEN bed bug killer. This solution kills adult bed bugs by by removing the protective layer (integument) of their exoskeleton, causing death by dehydration.

There is a NEW product called Itchy Biteā„¢ Soothing Aloe Gel that offers " Relief from Itchy Skin, Scabies, Skin Mites, Bed Bugs and Other Bug Bites or Stings". You simply apply it like a lotion and it will soothe and cool your skin, relieve the itch, and help heal your skin. It will also kill the mites that living under your skin.

Bed bug bites do have a resemblance to scabies. However, bed bugs bite at night and are slightly different in appearance. Bed bug bites are tiny raised welts that more closely resemble a bite than scabies, which looks more like a rash. Scabies bites on occasion take on a crusty yellowish appearance and can form lesions.

EcoRaider is a line of natural and non-toxic insect sprays that effectively controls toughest insects such as mosquitoes, ants, roaches.

Bed Bugs, Scabies, Mites, Lice are eliminated with 32 oz. ELF for Bed Bugs from Eco Living Friendly, a 100% environmentally friendly solution to your Bed Bug, Scabies, Mites, Fleas, and insect problems.

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Eradicator Bed Bug Spray 24 oz - Ecolivingfriendly
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