Ecolab Bed Bug Inspection

Bed Bug Spray: Finito Bed Bug Spray

Our multi-treatment protocol is designed to kill bed bugs at all life stages. Ecolab

Follow a strict protocol for infected linens to help prevent bed bugs from spreading to other rooms. Keep the vacuum in the room until Ecolab Pest Elimination has inspected it. Keep the room closed and do not allow occupancy.

"Hotel operators and their housekeeping staff are on the front lines in the fight against bed bugs so it's important they can identify the signs of bed bugs and practice regular inspections as a part of daily room cleaning." Ecolab and AHLEI's digital toolkit can be found at It includes a fact sheet about how bed

Whatever your business needs, Ecolab's innovative Heat Treatment Services provide non-toxic and environmentally-friendly elimination of pests: Thorough inspection of infected rooms locates bed bug harbourage sites. The Ecolab mobile Structural Heat unit is fully equipped to treat large buildings.

Ecolab Inc. and the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI) today announced the launch of, a free online resource to help hotel owners and operators stop bed bugs before they spread. The toolkit features downloadable information and materials on how to train staff to detect bed bugs early, as well as actions to take when they suspect a guest room is infested.

The Ecolab bed bug elimination protocol is an intensive service that eliminates infestations. Your partnership in providing access to the infested and adjacent rooms and preparing each room for our service is critical to ensure quick and efficient elimination of the infestation.

Bed Bug Spray: Finito Bed Bug Spray
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