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Here's a quick live demonstration using foggers to bomb for bedbugs and fleas. These foggers are also good for spiders as we found a dead one in the kitchen after the 4 plus hours we were away

Summary: Flea bombs, sometimes called a flea fogger, have been used for years to effectively control fleas in homes throughout the world. However, using a flea bomb can put your family and pets at risk due to the chemical residue that remains after use and should only be used in extreme circumstances where there is a massive flea infestation (or a battle that you have just been unable to win

Hot Shot manufactures a fogger it claims will eliminate fleas and bedbugs. Using Hot Shot Bedbug and Flea fogger requires some preparation before setting off the foggers. Purchase enough foggers to adequately cover your home. Hot Shot recommends using one fogger for each 4,000 square feet.

What Kind of Cleaning Needs to Be Done After Bombing for Pest Control? You don't necessarily need to do a ton of clean-up after using a bomb, or fogger, as they're also called. Is it Safe to Set Off Bug Bombs in an Attic? 2

Bed Bug foggers (also called "total release foggers" or "bug bombs") are a BAD IDEA if you truly want to get rid of bed bugs. Unfortunately, there just is no magic trick or cure-all that gets rid of bed bugs. It's simply not a one-shot deal. Sorry folks, that's just a fact.

14 Oz EnforcerĀ® Bedbug Spray - Kills Bedbugs And Their Eggs - Also Kills Dust Mites, Lice, Ticks And Fleas - For Use On Mattresses,Wood Furniture And Carpet - Water-Based So Will Not Stain Fabrics Or Surfaces - For Indoor Use In Nonfood Areas - Mfg #EBBK14

Zep Insecticides & Herbicides
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