Female And Male Bed Bug

Bed Bug Identification, Signs and Pictures

Where Do Bed Bugs Come From? Bed bugs get their name from their habit of feeding on human hosts in bed. They are excellent hitchhikers, easily transported and are found in many different types of dwellings, which makes them difficult to control. For this reason, it is crucial that you learn how to identify bed bugs. Bed bug infestations

ContentsTermite control termite control) adult bedLay 5 - 20 bedEgg-laying. bed bugsMale And Female Bed bugs. Bed bugs provide an interesting and compelling example of a conflict of interest between mates. Generally, scientists have assumed that both male and female parents have similar interests in reproduction.

After female and male bed bugs get their fill of blood from you, they head back to the harborage (their home) to digest their blood feast and mate. Dr. Miller's research tells us male bed bugs

A single female bed bug can mate with any of her offspring after a nymph has fully matured. REDUCING THE BED BUG REPRODUCTION CYCLE. A 2010 study conducted by Vincent Harraca from Lund University in Sweden revealed an alarm pheromone released by nymphs, and male bed bugs when approached, to prevent prowling males from attempting to mate.

The bed bug life cycle means female bed bugs only need to mate once every 6-8 weeks. She will then lay eggs every day for weeks, even without another meal.

Body parts, shape and size distinguish the female boxelder bug from the male. Specifically, reproductive parts are located on the bug in question's (Boisea trivittata) last, rear, third main body

Bed Bug Identification, Signs and Pictures
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