Fogging Bed Bug Treatment

Mosquito Bite vs Bed Bug Bite: What Bit You? Panther Pest Control

Bed bugs often hide, especially during the day. Foggers should not be used as the sole source of bed bug control. The pesticides used in total release foggers must contact the pest to kill it. If the material does not reach the cracks and crevices where bed bugs are hiding, they will not be killed.

Monitoring the Population During Treatment. As you progress through a bed bug treatment, you need a way to measure your progress and see if bed bugs are still active in the area that you're treating. The best way to accomplish this is by monitoring the population directly to try and gauge how it changes over time.

Within the pest control industry fogging a room is referred to as a space treatment. What that means is that the fog will treat the air space within the room and potentially kill any bugs flying around or walking on the surface of areas where the pesticide settles.

Raid Max ® No Mess Dry Fogger can be used in kitchens, living areas, garages, attics, basements and pet areas. One unit treats a room up to 16' X 20' with an 8' ceiling (2,560 cubic feet). The fumigating fog stays in the air during the 4-hour treatment, penetrating deep; going under furniture and appliances to kill bugs where they hide.

5 Ways using a fogger Makes it harder to get rid of Bed Bugs 1. Foggers spread the infestation wider and deeper. 2. Foggers create/increase pesticide resistance. 3. Using a fogger delays the effectiveness of other bed bug treatments. 4. Using a fogger ultimately helps the bed bug population grow.

The Hot Shot bed bug and flea fogger is also highly effective against a number of other insects. Spiders, silverfish, lice, and gnats are all wiped out in one use. Spiders, silverfish, lice, and gnats are all wiped out in one use.

Mosquito Bite vs Bed Bug Bite: What Bit You? Panther Pest Control
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