Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Bed Bugs

Diatomaceous Earth (DE Powder), the Miracle Organic Insecticide The Home Depot Community

Apply Diatomaceous Earth to Your Bed. With your hands or an applicator, dust some CRAWLING INSECT CONTROL diatomaceous earth in a light and visible application to your mattress, box spring, ridges along mattress, and box spring. Apply Diatomaceous Earth to Your Other Furniture. Apply to other furniture like chairs and couches in the same way.

Diatomaceous earth is a Bed Bug Killer! The way diatomaceous earth works as a bed bug killer , is that bed bugs must literally crawl through the DE dust. The dust attaches to the sticky exoskeleton of the bedbug where serves as very fine shards of glass that literally cuts into the exoskeleton as the bedbug moves.

Yes, Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth can be used to kill bed bugs and parasites. This is 100% natural product and does not show any negative effects on health. People even consume it up to 2 tablespoons per day because it has positive effects on skin and nails.

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, 6 Pound, Non-Toxic Organic, Powder, Safe for Humans, Dogs - Cats

Any chemical, including diatomaceous earth, can be harmful if you come into contact with large enough amounts.Therefore, it is not without risk. Some diatomaceous earth products are not checked for pest control-related risks. These include 'food grade' products and others that are not labeled for pest control.

Unlike any of the other pesticide solutions for bed bugs, diatomaceous earth is completely safe and can even be used in food preparation or storage areas. Diatomaceous earth is also extremely cost effective, at a fraction of the price of even the cheapest insecticide solution.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE Powder), the Miracle Organic Insecticide The Home Depot Community
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