Found 1 Bed Bug Is There More

I Found One Bed Bug On My Bed: Are There More?

There are many misconceptions about the humble bedbug. Bedbugs (or cimicids) belong to a highly specialized family of insects that feed off the blood of humans, bats, and birds. The best-known members are the temperate-climate parasite Cimex lectularius (which means "bedbug" in Latin) and Cimex hemipterus, a tropical version.

Typically if you have discovered one bed bug, that is your first indication that there are more. Check the seams of the mattress, flip over the box spring and look around the edges. Also check the bed frame, headboard and other upholstered furniture.

I Found One Bed Bug On My Bed: Are There More? By Jacob Olesen If you have found even one bed bug on your mattress, then do note that there are bound to be many more of these pests lurking nearby. This is due to the simple fact that female bed bugs lay hundreds of eggs in cracks, crevices and other hard-to-access areas.

Though the tiny black bug is becoming more common, and is easily identifiable, there are more than one type of bug to look out for when you pull back those sheets. The Bed Bug Bed Bugs, known in the science world as Cimex lectularius, are a tiny, quarter-of-an-inch pest that burrow in the creases of a mattress and wait until you're sound asleep

The IPM Institute of North America has a review of five commonly encountered pests, including bat bugs (pictured), that can be misidentified as bed bugs. 1. Spider Beetle. Spider beetles are the shape and size of fleas, oval and dark brown. They may appear bloated and reddish brown, as if they had just fed on human blood.

If there is one bed bug is there more? Most people will tell you yes, but I will disagree. A few years ago, when I was cleaning houses for a living, I found a bed bug in my bed.

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