Found A Small Bug On My Bed

Is this a bed bug? Found this crawling near my head at 6am, usually super clean home. Inspected

If you think you have found a bed bug, try to catch it on a piece of tape or put it in a plastic bag, you can then have this bug identified by a pest management professional (exterminator) in your area.

Chances are, you have located the bed bug in or near your bed. By performing a few initial steps, you will make it easier for a comprehensive inspection. If found elsewhere in the house, there may be a larger infestation and you should contact a professional to schedule an inspection immediately.

As the name implies, bed bugs (Cimex lectularius) are most commonly found on beds, but they'll also move into couches. That's because people rest on sofas, and the pests are attracted to carbon dioxide and warmth, both of which indicate a viable food source.

Hello everyone, I have been having this issue for about a week now. There are these really small insects, which can barely be seen with a naked eye, that are crawling on me almost all day and I'm not saying this just because of the sensation of little bugs crawling on my skin but I have actually seen them many times.

Tiny spots of human blood on a mattress may indicate the presence of feeding bedbugs in the vicinity. Fleas Pet owners should take care to monitor their animals for fleas, since a furry carrier can quickly lead to a mattress infestation.

Bed Bugs, known in the science world as Cimex lectularius, are a tiny, quarter-of-an-inch pest that burrow in the creases of a mattress and wait until you're sound asleep to bite. Waking up with red bumps all over is a sure sign of these pests.

Is this a bed bug? Found this crawling near my head at 6am, usually super clean home. Inspected
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