Found Dead Bed Bugs On Mattress

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Please encase your mattresses and box springs with an govt approved covering made specifically for bed bugs. Also we found it very helpful to place a 3mil think plastic sheeting over mattress then place bedding on top of that because the bugs can't climb up the plastic.

A way to catch the bed bugs in the act to is turn on a light that may be conveniently located on the nightstand or have a flashlight ready an hour before dawn. You could sweep the bed bugs into a cup of water to drown, but keep in mind that they are very fast. Dispose of the dead bed bugs by flushing them down the toilet.

Inspect your bed and box spring for bed bugs and their droppings (check seams and inside your bed if there are any entry points inside the mattress). If you find bugs, clean your mattress, DO NOT throw it out! wrote a great article on how to go about cleaning a mattress.

IF, you have holes in your mattress they could be inside the mattress. Use duct tape to seal off any rips or tears in the mattress where bed bugs may be hiding. Once you have your instant

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IPM in Multifamily Housing Training - ppt video online download
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