Get Bed Bugs Off Dogs

Not All Exterminator Dogs Are Perfect in Sniffing Out Bedbugs - ABC News

To get rid of bed bugs on your cat, you need to get rid of bed bugs from your home. The best way to achieve this is by following an integrated pest management approach where preventive measures, sanitation and pest control treatments are applied.

A: Only products labeled with bed bugs as a target pest should be used. If bed bugs are not listed on the label, the product may not be effective. And unlike fleas and ticks, bed bugs live in your home, not on your pet. Using the wrong pesticide or using it incorrectly to treat for bed bugs can make you, your family, and your pet sick.

Silica kitty litter can help keep your pet bed bug-free.This type of litter contains less silica than diatomaceous earth (a popular bed bug killer), but it contains enough to deter bed bugs. The best silica cat litter is Clear Choice Silica Crystal.

Part of the series: Dog Health Answers. Killing bed bugs on pets is best done by killing them in their environment, which could be a mattress, carpeting or bedding. Use steam or exterminating

Wash your dog with a bed bug or natural shampoo. You have determined that you have bed bugs. Get your dogs in the tub and bathe them. This isn't so much to kill the bed bugs since they do not like to live on dogs but it sure will help ease the itch of any bed bug bites.

A scent-detection dog can go under a bed and alert on bugs inside the box spring without an inspector having to take the mattress and box spring off. The dogs can alert to bed bugs behind a heavy entertainment center without anyone having to move it, and can detect bed bugs or their eggs in a pile of clothing or a toy box full of stuffed animals.

Not All Exterminator Dogs Are Perfect in Sniffing Out Bedbugs - ABC News
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