Glendale Movie Theater Bed Bugs

Woman says she was bitten by bed bugs at an AMC - Denver7

GLENDALE, Ariz. - A Valley mom claims to have encountered bedbugs at the AMC Westgate 20 movie theater in Glendale this week. The incident happened inside of auditorium 14. "Pretty much immediately

The ease at which bedbugs travel and spread has caused seats in at least one auditorium at the AMC Westgate 20 theater in Glendale to be quarantined over a possible bedbug problem. Goodyear

Independence Health Department investigating claim of bedbugs at AMC theater specializes in the inspection and eradication of bed bugs. The theatre has received a thorough inspection and been

An Arizona woman says bed bugs were feasting on her and a friend's arm shortly after they sat down to enjoy the Sci-Fi drama "Flatliners" at the AMC at Westgate in Glendale. Minutes into the

Maricopa County health inspectors have been looking into bed bug complaints coming from a Valley movie theater. Tom Dominick, the Environmental Specialist Supervisor said as soon as they got the

It's almost Halloween, a scary movie might help get you in the mood. But it wasn't the movie that made one Valley woman's skin crawl. (October 18, 2017)

Woman says she was bitten by bed bugs at an AMC - Denver7
Woman says she was bitten by bed bugs at a Valley movie theater
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