Growth Regulator For Bed Bugs

Embark Turf and Ornamental Growth Regulator

Bed bugs are growing in numbers and invading household across the nation. Instead of trying to control the situation by using other methods, rely on bed bug IGRs and prevent further growth of the primary bed bug infestation first. What is the use of control the situation is you are avoiding bed bug eggs and larvae.

Quali-Pro T-Nex Plant Growth Regulator (Primo Maxx) - Manage Growth, Improve Quality and Color, Helps Produce Healthy, Durable Blades in Turf Grass (1 Gallon)

Insect Growth Regulators The growth of bedbugs must also be regulated to ensure that they will not be able to multiply. This can be done by killing or drying the eggs before they have even reached their maturity.

Gentrol Insect Growth Regulator disrupts the normal development of immature cockroaches, bed bugs and stored product pests. Gentrol Aerosol will make adult insects incapable of reproducing and will disrupt the insects normal life cycle making 100% control much more achievable than programs in place without it.

Either they alter the growth of the bed bugs or else they alter the production of chitin. Chitin is the compound that bed bugs use to make their exoskeleton. Some growth regulators force the bed bugs to mature too fast, while others try to halt the development. In addition, Their recent population has increased the awareness to cut down their population. Using chemicals to kill bed bugs is a well-known method.

Insect growth regulators (IGRs) disrupt the insect life cycle by interrupting pupal development. Diacon ® IGR products (excluding Diacon ® IGR PLUS) are tolerance exempt IGRs that can be used everywhere stored product insects are a problem. Diacon ® IGR products can be used on all stored grains, spices, feed and seeds including those used for animal and human consumption.

Embark Turf and Ornamental Growth Regulator
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