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Certified Bed Bug Heat Treatment Equipment for Purchase or Lease

Some non-chemical ways to treat Bed Bugs include: Place dry clothes into the dryer on high heat for a minimum of 15-20 minutes. This will effectively kill all stages, including the egg stage, without damaging the clothing. Alternatively, wash bedding and clothing in hot water (120oF) and laundry detergent.

We Use Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs Removal. We use a special kind of bed bug treatment, heat treatment. This treatment allows heat to penetrate the hardest to reach places and kills bed bugs and their eggs instantly. It only takes 8-12 to complete the process and leaves your home completely livable afterward.

We take bed bugs very seriously, in fact it is the pest we know can have the most emotional impact on your lives once discovered, we've seen this first hand. We offer and recommend Heat Treatments for Bed bugs and guarantee these treatments for 90 days (these treatments still include chemical applications). Our heat treatments include:

Then we found out about Heat Treatments. I did some research and found out how effective they are and how great they work! We looked around and Responders was the only company in the city that offered the newest heat technology at a price we could afford. They started treatment the next morning and 8 hours later our bed bug problem was over!

Why Choose Poulin's Pest Control Winnipeg? Poulin's Pest Control believes in protecting the environment. We ensure a high level of commitment to sound environmental practices throughout our business. We focus on using non-chemical treatments as our first control option, and when pesticides are required, we strive to use as little chemicals

The most common and effective is the heat treatment. We provide comprehensive solutions for bed bug treatment in Winnipeg. This treatment kills the bed bugs and their eggs on contact. It uses thermal remediation to fight them without any harmful chemicals or pesticides.

Certified Bed Bug Heat Treatment Equipment for Purchase or Lease
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