How Do Flea Bites Differ From Bed Bug Bites

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Flea bites on humans show as clusters of red dots. While these bites can be anywhere on the body, they usually show up on the legs, ankles, and forearms, as exposure to fleas tends to come from being around or petting animals that are infested. Closeups of bed bug bites (left) and flea bites (right) on human skin.

The main difference that you can see is redness. Flea bites and bed bug bites both look like swollen dots, but bed bug bites are redder in appearance. This can be a huge clue when you are trying to differentiate the two. However, once you itch flea bites they can also become red.

Bed bug bites generally come in a variety of shapes and sizes on humans, particularly due to the fact that everyone reacts differently. Bites can range in appearance - anywhere from small, pinkish bumps that are all in a localized region of the body up to welts and hives which can be covering the majority of the body.

Bed bug bites are different from flea bites and resemble small, hard, swollen lumps similar to a mosquito bite and appear most often on the hands, neck, and arms. Like with fleas, bed bug bites will itch as well, but they don't provoke the rash response fleas can trigger.

What Do Bed Bug Bites Look Like? Like flea bites, bed bug bites also often appear in groups. The bugs may bite a few different spots to find the best access to blood, or they may feed for a while in one place and then move on to another spot for fresh access. It is also possible to have more than one bug feeding on you at a time.

The difference between flea bites vs bed bug bites. Where bed bug bites can be found anywhere on the body, flea bites are often located on the legs and ankles because these areas are easier to get to. The itching and scratching factor on flea bites vs bed bug bites is about the same. They are both a pain in the neck for animals and humans, and they can cause allergies and swelling.

What are beetles? - Insects in the City
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