How To Avoid Bed Bugs In Hostels

Ways to avoid bed bugs on a cruise ship

Coming from the US, I used to think of bed bugs as something of the past, but they can be a backpacker's nightmare. When traveling to third world countries and staying in hostels and hotels frequently, you risk encountering these blood sucking creatures at some point.

To avoid bed bugs, that's something we all want to do while traveling. Unfortunately, it's quite common that cheaper hotels and hostels have bed bugs. Nicer hotels can also have bed bugs if they've bad luck with guests checking in with a suitcase full of those nasty bugs.

Everyone is aware of and even weary of beg bugs in places like motels, hostels and, yes, luxury hotels. However, what many do not know is that beg bugs also feed on those who choose to travel on cruise ships. While infestations aboard cruise ships are rare, they do sometimes occur. In fact, studi

How To Prevent Bed Bugs. It may be hard to completely prevent bed bugs from reaching your home. Still, you can give yourself a good shot at evading them by following some basic tips. It will take a little bit of time and know-how, but that's better than ending up with a full-blown infestation in your house.

First of all, don't panic.Don't drive yourself crazy worrying about bed bugs or looking around for them… it will only make you stressed out and uncomfortable and cause you to lie awake at night. Relax and don't let paranoia ruin your trip. Bed bugs are not the worst thing in the world and they are certainly no reason not to go travelling.

Hi Everyone, We're opening a small hostel in the next couple of months in Belize and would like some tips on preventing bed bugs from ever bec How to prevent bed bugs before opening a hostel Hostel Management Discussion

Ways to avoid bed bugs on a cruise ship
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