How To Avoid Getting Bed Bugs

8 tips to avoid bed bugs when traveling

Bed bugs typically live in bedrooms because they feed at night on human blood. Still, staying away from an infested bedroom won't eliminate the chances that you'll bring them home. Bed bugs like to be near people and if people spend a lot of time on couches or lounging next to book cases, bed bugs can live near those areas as well.

People often wonder where bed bugs live, how they spread and the ways to prevent this. So, in this guide, we will mainly study how bed bugs spread from place to place and the important steps one can take to prevent this from happening.

The bug spray you wear to avoid mosquito bites won't help you at all with bed bugs. You could purchase a small canister of bed bug spray, but it comes with downsides. Most sprays on the market don't kill bed bugs; they only repel them.

You can buy encasements for your bed and box spring—this won't prevent bed bugs from entering your home, but it will make the problem way easier to fix if they do. Jeff told us that the two most reputable brands are Protect-A-Bed and Mattress Safe.

How Do You Prevent Bed Bugs from Getting into Your Home? Inspect Secondhand Furniture Before Buying. Regularly Inspect Your Bedding for Signs of Bed Bugs. When Traveling, Always Check the Room for Bed Bugs.

How to Prevent Bed Bug Bites by Protecting the Bed. Regardless of whether you are working with an exterminator or not, the single best thing you can do to prevent bed bug bites is to protect your bed. Encase your mattress, pillows and box spring in a good quality mattress encasement that is designed for bed bugs.

8 tips to avoid bed bugs when traveling
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