How To Check For Bed Bugs In Furniture

How to Check for Bedbugs (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Bed Bugs. Bud bugs are oval shaped pests less than 1/4 inch long. Bed bugs in furniture is a common issue because they are attracted to warmth. Most people realize they have bed bugs because bed bugs bite and cause skin irritations. But they also leave behind excrement which appears as black specks on your furniture.

Bed bugs are attracted to warmth. The number one hiding place for bed bugs is in mattresses and beds. Inspect your sheets for blood spots bed bugs may have left behind. Be sure to thoroughly inspect the seams, tufts, and folds of your mattress in addition to any corners or crevices of your bed.

Check the folds of the corners. See if you can find blood stains. The blood stains on the mattress can be caused by the bed bugs that have been unintentionally crushed by you. Check if you can find dark stains. Those come from the excretion of the bed bugs. You can also check for their exoskeleton which would be yellow or reddish brown in color.

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You can also run your fingers over the surface of your items of furniture, but a credit card is a lot better. Run it through any cracks, crevices, creases or grooves in the surface of the furniture - as this is where bed bugs are most likely to be hiding. Closely watch for any signs of bed bugs that appear on the white sheet - or on your gloves.

However, bed bugs can still hide in corners, cracks and crevices. Heat treatment can easily and effectively kill bugs in these hard to reach areas. If you're treating the furniture without heat your primary weapon will be a vacuum to remove any bed bugs that might be lurking in the furniture. Take the following steps: Vacuum

How to Check for Bedbugs (with Pictures) - wikiHow
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