How To Find And Eliminate Bed Bugs

How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs Naturally - YouTube

Vacuuming is not the ultimate solution in completely eliminating bed bugs but it is a good way to keep the bed bug numbers down as vacuum picks up a lot of bed bugs and their eggs. Vacuuming also helps in getting rid of any signs of bed bugs such as their shed skins and fecal matter- which you would not want on your couch.

Unfortunately, bed bugs are real. Bed bugs are reddish-brown bugs that feed only on blood. Bed-bug victims wake up in the morning with red bumps where the bugs feasted all night. Bed bugs are not just relegated to the bed, though. Bed bugs are found on furniture, including your couch. Killing bed bugs on a couch requires dedication and patience.

Don't live with this stressful problem, and don't spend thousands replacing your mattress or paying an exterminator to perform a treatment that you can do yourself for less. Here's how you can get rid of bed bugs in just 4 easy steps: Stop the Biting. The first goal in a bed bug treatment is to stop bed bugs from biting you while you sleep.

Bed bugs got their name by hiding close to where their food source (i.e. you or another unlucky fellow) is sleeping or resting. This means that you're most likely to find bed bugs on or near your bed or other furniture that you frequently come in contact with, such as a couch or recliner.

Remove bridges from the floor to the bed. Keep bed bugs out of bed by keeping blankets from dragging the floor, and don't use the bed as storage for anything. Bed bug interceptors are relatively inexpensive and are placed under the feet of the bed, preventing bed bugs from reaching the legs and climbing to the bedding.

Today I show you how to easily find & eliminate all bed bugs on your property. Think you don't have any? Think again - A recent study found that 93% of all households are infested with bed bugs.

How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs Naturally - YouTube
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