How To Tell If You Have Fleas Or Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Control. How To Tell If You Have Fleas In Your Bed. Get Rid of Bedbugs

There may also be dark spots about the size a dot you'd make with a Sharpie marker, that seem to have bled into the fabric. This is bed bug feces or blood stains from your bites. One may also see live bed bugs, which are easier to spot than fleas since bed bugs are larger. A bed bug has a flat, oval shape with a reddish brown appearance.

If you do have fleas, they will be attracted to the light and warmth. They will travel over toward the pan and hop in. The water will trap them and they will sink in the water due to the soap which breaks the surface tension and causes them to sink. Without soap they will float and may eventually escape.

How to Tell If You Have Fleas. Fleas are small and love blood - it's their lifeline. And fleas love warmth, so they'll attach to animals first and make them their host. If you have a dog or cat, a simple look through their coat will be able to tell you if you have fleas. Do you see little bugs crawling through your pet's coat?

Fleas are often between 2 and 3mm in length, and their mouths are designed for piercing flesh. Also, have in mind that fleas can jump of up to 13 inches. A flea problem can escalate very quickly, so like bed bugs, it's best to find a solution to the problem as soon as you have noticed it arise.

Here's how you can tell if you've got bed bugs or fleas on your hands: IMAGE OF A BED BUG Bed bugs are flat, whereas fleas are more of an oval shape that is skinnier and longer.

If you're allergic to fleas, you may develop hives or a rash. The affected area may also swell and blister. If a blister appears and breaks, it may lead to an infection.

Bed Bug Control. How To Tell If You Have Fleas In Your Bed. Get Rid of Bedbugs
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