I Just Found A Bed Bug

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While it is true that in most situations bugs will be located in areas away from the bed, the majority of bugs will in fact be associated with the mattress and box spring. As a result, discarding the bed is a very effective way of immediately eliminating a large percentage of the bed bug population.

Once you have confirmed that it is indeed a bed bug infestation then I'd say the same as the other guys. Also, bear in mind that all of what you're doing isn't just killing the bed bugs that you can see but more importantly the eggs that they lay (which are not visible to the human eye).

If a small number of bed bugs are found in a single-family home inspectors and technicians stand a better chance of locating the source of the infestation because potential "hot spot" areas (i.e., where people rest for extended periods of time) are clearer and the method of introduction was likely a piece of luggage or furniture, a sleeping bag or article of clothing.

Answer by Lexi D If you've positively identified your problem as a bed bug infestation, it is time to sanitize the affected areas. If you can spare money for another mattress it would be a good idea to throw your old one out. If you can't afford another mattress, vacuuming the mattress and applying a sealable cover should be sufficient.

It's just another tool to catch and kill bedbugs. But, it has been very helpful in highly infested cases. I also use the Bed Bug Doughnuts for the bed legs of the bed. I use them as monitoring tools and traps. Just thought I'd throw my two cents in. I found a bed bug in my bed where I

I just found a bed bug on my sofa. I started getting what I thought were mosquito bites in January. My kids and I were covered in bites. They look and feel just like mosquito bites, so I really didn't even think that it could be bed bugs.I did find a mosquito in my living room last week and I was able to kill it.

Book lice or Bed bugs? - Ask an Expert
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