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How to Identify a Bed Bug Infestation. Having bedbugs in the house is not necessarily a sign of a dirty home. Even five-star hotels can have bedbugs. They can be a nuisance, however, and should be dealt with promptly. This wikiHow will

Bed bug bites look like tiny red spots, which usually have a diameter of about 0.2 to 0.5 cm. They are raised and slightly discolored. The bites might also have wheals or hives in the surrounding skin, which might be more reddish than the spots. In severe cases, which are rare, there might also be blisters on your skin and around the bites.

Flea bites are a number of small, itchy mounds grouped together. You will probably find them in areas where your clothes fit tightly to your body, such as around your waist. Bedbug bites will be itchy red bumps, maybe with a blister, grouped in rows of two or three. 3

Bed bug bites may appear in a straight line or randomly, notes Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Bed bug bites frequently occur on the arms, face, neck and hands. Those with bed bug bites experience localized itching, raised skin bumps and reddish-colored skin lesions that disappear after one to two weeks, reports eMedicineHealth.

Bed bug bites will most commonly occur on the arms, neck, or trunk of the body, says Gibb, although they'll bite anywhere they can find exposed skin. And—as their name suggests—bed bugs will

When flea bites are scratched, there is a potential for wounding and therefore infections. This is rare with bed bug bites and when they have to complicate, then they will turn into blisters. Identification. You can be able to identify a bed bug or flea bite based on the appearance and if you are lucky, site the breaching insect.

Spider Bites And Various Types of Spider -
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