Insect That Looks Like A Bed Bug But Has Wings

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Carpet beetles do not much resemble bed bugs since they have round, solid brown or blackish hairy bodies. They even have irregular patterns on their body. The only similarity is that carpet beetles also have antennae and a hard exoskeleton covering their wings, just like bed bugs.

This pest with the curious name has the following flea-like characteristics: it's dark, shiny, oval and measures about 1/7 inch long. This insect's name originates from the fact that it's often confused with the red flour beetle and because you'll likely find it in your kitchen contaminating your grain-based goods, such as flour and cereals.

Cockroach nymphs almost look like bed bug comes from the Blattidae family. It has two pairs of wings. Like bed bugs, they are nocturnal as well. They hide in crevices and cracks in the daytime.

The idea of a bug sharing the space where you sleep is not one to take lightly—especially if it's one that bites! If you spotted a tiny bug wandering around your bedroom, your first instinct might have been to assume that it is a bed bug. However, there are more bugs that look like bed bugs than you might expect.

Some insects are not worth fighting too hard because they do little more than buzz around a bit of water in most circumstances. Looking like a mosquito can offer some advantages to insects in the wide world. Here are some of the many bugs that look like mosquitoes but are far from it. 8 Bugs That Look Like Mosquitoes Crane Flies

The Latin name for a bed bug is Cimex lectularius. Is a boatmen bug white on his belly and brownish black on his back or is it a back swimmer it looks like he swims upside down and he uses his legs

Best 25+ Insects ideas on Pinterest Bugs, Beautiful bugs and Caterpillar
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