Insects Eat Bed Bugs

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Bugs! Although less common outside the tropics, entomophagy, the practice of eating bugs, was once extremely widespread throughout cultures. You may feel icky about munching on insects, but they

Of the ants listed above, many ant experts conclude that pharaoh ants are one of the most likely ants to target and feed upon bed bugs. One possible, minor benefit provided by these predators is their presence, which could serve to "give away", pinpoint or draw attention to places where bed bugs are hiding.

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Bed bugs have many natural predators like pharaoh ants, American cockroaches and cone nosed insects. Certain spiders also kill bed bugs. Cockroaches are wonderful natural predators of bed bugs as they eat bed bugs and can eliminate infestations before they escalate.

Paper or books that have holes, missing corners and skinned areas are signs that paper-eating insects are present. Evidence of paper-eating insects includes empty egg cases, skin casings shed by larvae, dead insects and a powdery, sawdust-like substance on bookshelves or near damaged paper.

house centipede - Scutigera coleoptrata - BugGuide.Net
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