Is The Bed Bugs Dangerous

Household Pests: Are Bats Dangerous?

Treat Bed Bugs With A Natural Pesticide. Diatomaceous earth is an effective bed bug powder. It's also cheap and free of harmful chemicals. It's easy to apply around your home and safe to apply near food, pets, and children.

What scientists unanimously agree on is that homemade bed bug sprays are a far greater threat than commercial ones. Do not use them! Any mixture containing detergents as well as alcohol are dangerous. Commercial products, on the other hand, have undergone the necessary laboratory tests and are allowed for indoor use.

Bed bugs can live in the seams of mattresses, a good place to look for them. There's just no way around it — bed bugs are disgusting. They are not, however, indicative of a lack of cleanliness or poor hygiene. Bed bugs are attracted to warmth, carbon dioxide and blood.

Currently it is believed that bed bugs do not pose a significant health risk to humans, however, there is a study from Penn Medicine researchers in the Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics that has shown it is possible for bed bugs to transmit Trypanosoma cruzi.

Bedbug Bites: Not Dangerous but Painful. However, unlike mosquitos, bedbugs do not carry and spread diseases through their bites so you don't risk getting a serious illness from being bitten. Still, these bites can get quite annoying and an infestation should be taken care of as soon as its discovered.

Bed bugs are scary. People can be relentlessly attacked while they sleep without ever seeing an insect. During the day, it is common for victims to suffer anxiety attacks. In many cases, people start to experience delusional parasitosis, a mental condition where the sufferer hallucinates bugs crawling on them.

Household Pests: Are Bats Dangerous?
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