Is There Anything To Repel Bed Bugs

10 Bug Repelling Plants Your Backyard Needs

Tea Tree Oil for Bed Bug Prevention Essential oil, such as tea tree oil, is unlikely to kill existing bed bugs in your home but it can act as a strong deterrent. There are a couple of ways you can use tea tree oil to repel bed bugs.

Most bed bugs are found on and around mattresses and bed frames, so start there. Carefully inspect the mattress and the boxspring for each bed in your home. Don't forget to lift the mattress and the boxspring, checking underneath and in all seams and cracks.

Click on the relevant links for more information on bed bug repellent, bed bug powder, or bed bug strips. In general, understand that there are lotions out there that are quite effective at killing bed bug bite itch, and some that will at least minimize the chances of getting more bites or of getting large numbers of bites in a single night.

There are many people who love using this ingredient. It is very easy to use this pepper powder to eliminate bed bugs quickly. Using this product can be considered as an affordable and natural way to kill bed bugs completely. There is no negative side effect that can be caused by this product.

You can use lavender oil and other essential oils to get rid of bed bugs and to repel them so that they don't reinvade your space in the future, but all that only works if you use it in conjunction with other natural methods to fight bed bugs.

We have found that "Malathion" (you can buy it any hardware store), mixed with water and then usinjg a pump spray bottle (~ $15- $20) spray areas where the "lovebugs" seem to congregate.. also spray the yard, if possible, because the yard is where they hatch from (according to sources)..

10 Bug Repelling Plants Your Backyard Needs
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