Is Zevo For Bed Bugs

Why You Want The ZEVO Flying Insect Trap For Pest Control! - Fun Learning Life

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The smell is a thousand times better then my old bug spray, but if sprayed throughout a room you have to open a window because it becomes overwhelming. The plus side is that the Zevo spray is safe for indoors around children and pets which is a plus for my household seeing how I have a small dog and my little nephew lives with me.

Lifetime Warranty*. Every ZEVO® LED is designed and manufactured to withstand temperature, shock, and vibration for the life of your vehicle. ZEVO® bulbs come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Zevo™ Works Without Harsh Chemicals. How can something so bad for bugs be safe to use around people and pets *? Zevo™ is bio-selective. It targets nervous system receptors only active in insects, not people or pets. Order Now

The brand, called Zevo, offers bug-killing sprays and an indoor trap for winged insects. P&G hopes to eventually expand into safer topical and outdoor bug killers.

Zevo gets rid of most of them in short order and they rarely come back (except that now very dead spider that latched onto my arm the other day). I read you had tried them on bedbugs. Well, we have.

Why You Want The ZEVO Flying Insect Trap For Pest Control! - Fun Learning Life
how we keep our home pristine with zevo the love designed life
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