Jumping Spider Vs Bed Bugs

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This bed bug death match film shows a bed bug taken down in unfair fight with a jumping spider, in a Lion vs. Christian style tournament, c. ancient Rome.

Dear Gwiz, We have in the past tentatively identified a similar looking Brazilian Jumping Spider as Psecas viridipurpureus and today while searching, we can't help but to wonder if we have stumbled ironically upon your website, Gil Wizen Spiders, where there is an image identified as Psecas viridipurpureus and that also looks the same.

Spider bites can be downright dangerous, whereas bed bug bites are more of a nuisance than a risk to your health (unless you're allergic). The two bites have different appearances as well. With spider bites, you'll see a single swollen bite.

Spider crickets can live in a home for long periods of time without residents knowing. As their population increases, some will get into living areas. Before we discuss methods of spider cricket control, it is important that you understand some basic biology of this pest. SPIDER CRICKET PROBLEMS ^

If you've encountered a tiny black spider that jumps, it's probably a jumping spider. Few other spiders jump, and hardly any others jump as adults. Jumping spiders are commonly found in houses, so running into one of these eight-legged acrobats is pretty easy.

Bed bug bites typically occur at night, since bed bugs prefer feeding on the sleeping hosts. Typically, bugs attack the exposed parts of the body such as arms, legs, upper neck and back. Bed bugs cannot jump or fly; so the bites are usually present in a linear pattern in groups of three or four. Signs of bed bug bites are:

Karma - Wayward Sparkles
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