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K9 Bed Bug Control in Vancouver, Canada In order to eliminate bed bugs, they first have to be located. That is why in select cases, we may bring the most effective bedbug detection tool of all - our trained, educated, thorough, and hairy bed bug dog, named Vana.

Effective Bed Bug Inspection and Extermination. No matter how they got in, we'll get them out.Guaranteed! Make an appointment and with a bed bug inspection, our trained technicians will first confirm whether you do have a bed bug infestation and if you have them, we will get to work immediately on ridding them from your home.

Bed bug dogs have a level of detection accuracy that far surpasses conventional detection methods. Our K9 Inspection Team is faster and more reliable than any of the other methods. Many University studies have shown that trained bed bug dogs are much more accurate than a trained technician.

Handling and Training Bed of bug detection dogs. Why choose a bed bug dog? K9 Inspectors will immediately respond to your situation. We send a Certified Bed Bug Dog Inspection Team to determine if there are live bedbugs and/or viable bedbug eggs. After the Bed Bug Dog Inspection Team completes the bed bug detection, we advise of the findings.

Suspect A Bed Bug Invasion? A Certified Bed Bug Dog Can Help. A bed bug dog inspection is the FASTEST method to determine if bed bugs are present. It is also the most ACCURATE detection technique. Bed bugs are very difficult to find with a visual inspection alone.

We use some of Ontario's leading bed bug detection dog companies - Canada Canine Detection Corp. being one of them, for our expert K-9 bed bug detection referrals. Their dogs and handlers are specially trained in the United States and certified by some of North America's leading k-9 bed bug detection organizations.

Bed Bug Dogs Vancouver Sniffer Dog Inspections BC Bed Bug K9 Bed Bug Mutts — Bed Bug Mutts

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